The link below takes you to the audio page for listening to some of the music written for tv and film. Almost all the cues are a collaboration between Martin Tillman and myself.


Martin Tillman is a Swiss composer and cellist whose work for film includes creating unique and memorable performances for such blockbuster movie scores as:  “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Black Hawk Down”, “The Da Vinci Code” and many, many more. 


From 2001-2003, I had the privilege and pleasure of composing the score for a 24-episode tv series, “Fox Grønland”, produced in Norway. The series won the “Gullruten” award, Norway’s equivalent of an Emmy. Martin Tillman co-wrote the theme for the series.


Martin and I first worked together in the mid-nineties when he performed on one of my solo albums for Cyber Octave/Virgin. We began writing and recording albums together; soon after, our music found its way into scores of scores for television and film.


In 2001, we wrote additional music for Michael Mann’s Oscar-nominated movie “Ali” starring Will Smith.


Martin and I continue to collaborate, experimenting with the genre of scoring, introducing new music influences and original sounds to create tracks that inspire both the creative people who make film and television as well as their audiences. 


Our music is commissioned and distributed by Extreme Music and libraries for tv and film worldwide.  It can be heard in an eclectic mix of programming, from Animal Planet to “American Idol”, “Saturday Night Live” to “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” David Attenborough’s “Natural World” to “The Colbert Report”, The Winter Olympics to “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”, WWII in HD, and many more series in the US, on the BBC, and throughout Europe.



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