My collaboration with Swiss virtuoso cellist and composer Martin Tillman goes back almost twenty years.


“Amadeus on the Nile” was engineered by the talented Michael Verdick and includes performances from many great musicians including the late Gregg Arreguin, who at the time was the guitarist with Jon Hassell and k.d. lang. 


“Cinematic Volunteer” has a more intimate production with a chamber quality and a meditative feel. 




Tom Vedvik & Martin Tillman - Amadeus on the Nile


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 Tom Vedvik & Martin Tillman - Cinematic Volunteer


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Two ambient solo albums from a long time ago, I’m happy to say that both albums are still being featured on radio and online! 



 Tom Vedvik - Sutra Spin


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Tom Vedvik - Slowdiver


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Twilight Archive has a jazz and electronica-flavored vibe, pushing the boundaries with compositions from my on-going collaboration with Chris Mancinelli. Twilight Archive also features contributions from the fabulous trumpeter John Fumo and guitar genius Alex Machacek. A new album should be ready later this year!


Twilight Archive's music is a mainstay on Soma FM's "Sonic Universe" playlist, which is committed to playing music from the Fringes of Jazz, aka Nordic Jazz, or, as they write: “music that takes its direction from classic innovators in the past,” many of whom I grew up listening to.


Twilight Archive Podcast Interview on Echoes >'s Best Albums of 2015 >



Twilight Archive - Mood Chain


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Twilight Archive - Ritual Fiction


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Twilight Archive - Twilight Archive


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Mustfuzz is a playful electronica project where I team up with Swiss electronic musician Daniel Wihler. Our newest release, “Downhill Window”, drifts into slower beats and a minimal stillness only hinted at in our earlier works.  



Mustfuzz - Downhill Window


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Mustfuzz - Mosaic


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Mustfuzz - Sequential Circus 


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